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If you plan to sell any of your band merchandise please contact Bob Hannam.

We cannot accept shipments of your band merchandise in advance. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources or storage facilities to assist with this, so there are no exceptions. We recommend shipping directly to your hotel and bringing it with you on your performance day. There is a merch tent near the stage where each band is performing. This is where it needs to be dropped off and counted in. It is also where it will be counted out and settlement takes place. Click here for Merch Locations.

Since we have no storage available, merchandise needs to be settled at the end of each event day.  We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items if you leave them behind at the end of the day.

Merch tent locations:

Banjo Stage
Rooster Stage
Arrow Stage
Star Stage

For those artists performing on the Porch Stage, merch will be sold at the Banjo tent.
For those artists performing on the Tower Stage, merch will be sold at the Star tent. 

We discourage small items, such as key chains, stickers, etc.  Sales of these items have proven not to be worth the time it takes to count them, set them up and attempt to stop them from blowing away or being stolen. Also, because it is an outdoor festival, PLEASE DO NOT BRING expensive or large items such as photography that could possibly be damaged by the elements.

For all items there is a 75/25% split.

The Festival will receive 25% of all sales.

We handle all merchandise sales.

All sales are cash and will be settled in cash.

Because the sales are cash, we encourage you to round your prices up to the nearest $5. For instance, $13 dollar CDs should be sold for $15.

This site contains confidential information. Please do not post as a link to band or personal sites. It is for use by Artists playing the festival & their crew only. We appreciate your consideration.